Lyfordeath – “Satan”

Provenientes do Lordelo, os Lyfordeath aproveitaram o canal de YouTube da MOSHER TV para apresentar o vídeo para o tema “Satan”. Em relação à temática da letra, a banda afirma:

A letra em si é um pouco sobre revolta, e a necessidade que o ser humano tem para arranjar sempre um bode expiatório para os seus actos, em vez de os admitir, apontando o dedo aqueles que são diferentes, que se opõem as suas ideologias, e pensam diferente. Fala-nos também um pouco das prisões mentais que assolam a nossa sociedade. O título “Satan” foi dado a esta música devido à sua origem/significado hebraico: o opositor.

Fica com a letra:

“Like a flowing river full of lies
It’s the water emerging from bleeding skies
Devil itself come clame that souless eyes
With a burst of wrath had his sick goodbyes
Infinity shame of a thousand men came
No one to blame, they called his name…

They put a prize for your head
And give your life for death

Six feet under lies the house of the doomed
Where demons came to see their corpses exhumed
Torn apart the ground with thunders and earthquakes
Starting a crusade searching the primative mistakes
Founding all over the sins easy than a game
No one of them to cover, they called his name…

They put a prize for your head
And give your life for death

Like voltures consuming the natural resourses of our planet
Furry apes using as they want and well please
No regrets, weighed counciousnesses, entirely disconnected
They are a cancer, a curse on our land, the ultimate disease
The sinner, the liar, the currupt, the evil
Buried deep inside the soul of every single believer
Only summuned when something is wrong
By who mind is weak and insanity is strong

From heaven to hell the gloomy flames are crying
Perhaps because all garden of eden is dying
Darkness within is blocking the light as a solar eclipse
leaving the way open to them bring forth the apocalypse
Still not able to accept the mistakes of their wanderings
Blaming always the same, they stil call is name…

The angel of the underworld
a god creation
To keep the black sheep under control

Mankind will be able to assume the outcome of their actions…”

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