Grunt – Vassalage Grotesque

Os polémicos Grunt apresentaram o vídeo para “Vassalage Grotesque” em exclusivo na MOSHER TV. Apenas para maiores de 18!

Portugal / UK / France

Biografia Oficial:
“Grunt are a special force in the grind underground, comprising of Boy-G, Boy-Z and Boy-D on guitar, bass and drum duties respectively, with almost all of them doing vocals to boot. While their bondage-laden attire on stage gets them a huge reception wherever they play, their music is much lauded and innovative too, merging bits of eclectic industrial/electro music into their solid template of blast and groove ridden goregrind of the best possible kind.

Grunt have toured extensively with some of the most prominent bands in the scene such as Bolt Thrower, Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound, Agathocles, Last Days of Humanity, Benediction, Extreme Noise Terror, Cripple Bastards, Cock and Ball Torture, Discharge, among countless others, and have secured for themselves an unforgettable image and presence in the minds of their ever-increasing fan base. Signed to the legendary underground grind label Bizarre Leprous, they have just released their magnum opus, titled ‘Codex Bizarre’ which has wowed critics from all over and are pushing forward the sound like few others in the style.

Grunt remain at the forefront of grind and its ever-evolving dynamics, and are a step ahead of their peers due to their forward-thinking approach and constant innovation. ‘Codex Bizarre’ has set new standards for the sub-genre and one can only expect Grunt to bend conventions even more in the future.”

Género musical:
BDSM, Electro, Grind

The Meat Triangle

“Trigger the punishment
I’ve left you blind to the fear
Lift to your disturbance sphere
Paralyzed delusional pride

You’ve gained access
You’ve lost control
You’re excited and happy
You’re condemned to obey

Your libido will set you free!!

Pain will bring us together
Pain will bring you salvation
Your flesh, my skin
Swamp of grotesquery red

My vassal, my naked slave
Forget you’re alive
As silence drowns the screams
I am your leading light

Post-human cased in plastic
Tomb of depression and misery
Immobilized with cold rusted chains
Suction pressure, the blood inhales

Vassalage grotesque
Commit yourself to the abuse

Vassalage grotesque
To suffer and be used

Say hello to your torment
Let your conscience crash and fall apart
I mourn for your loss

Vassalage grotesque
Commit yourself to the abuse

Vassalage grotesque
To suffer and be used

A stairway to misfortune
You’re back on the cross
To suffer and be used
You’re down in the hole
Injections of cyanide
Razor wire around the legs
Bitter memories dragging you down
I am the superior grotesque
Commit yourself to the abuse
My masterpiece of sculptured flesh”
– Boy-G

Codex Bizarre

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Bizarre Leprous Prod. –

Dirigido por:
Guilherme Henriques

Operadores de câmara:
Catarina Rocha
Guilherme Henriques
Priscila Fontoura

Ricardo Veiga, Tiago Veiga & Sofia Rocha (and to all SWR awesome crew).
Sílvia Gil & Pedro Almeida (BDSMGLOBAL).
Branco & Fernandes (Bunker Store).
All fans for their immense support!


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